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Outdoor Karate Classes this Saturday 30/3/13


Due to a special event at the Whitlam Centre, the classes this Saturday 30/3/13 will be outdoors. We still train in our uniforms but please bring your sneakers for a warm-up run and your usual training gear.

Sunscreen is recommended and you can wear a hat too if you like.

We train at the oval near the rear car park. When you are outside the Multi-Purpose Studio where we normally train on Saturdays, walk out the rear entrance away from the reception, walk through the car park, and we will be at the top oval to your left.

If it rains this Saturday, or the grounds are wet, the classes unfortunately will be cancelled.



Classes over the Easter Long Weekend


Kids’ karate classes will continue as normal over the Easter long weekend.

The Adults’ class on Monday 1/4/13 will be on at 10am instead of 7pm as it falls on a public holiday.

Kickboxing classes are unaffected, as will be on during normal times.



New kickboxing classes commencing from Tuesday 19/3/13

A great upper body and lower body work-out utilising a wide range of pad work, conditioning, and stretching exercises. These classes are for teenagers and adults, and keep with the Kyokushin tradition of being technical, tough, and respectful.

Classes are held at the Whitlam Leisure Centre (Memorial Avenue, Liverpool) on:

– Tuesdays 7:30pm to 8:30pm, and

– Wednesdays 8:00pm to 9:00pm.


There is no sparring in these classes, but if you would like to spar, please join a Kyokushin Karate class where we do sparring under full-contact karate and kickboxing rules every session.

For all inquiries please call Sonny on 0402 079 676, or email ““.

Training times over the holiday period

Kids’ classes remain unchanged over the holiday period.

Adults’ classes also remain unchanged except for the following 2 classes:

– Monday’s class on 24/12/12 will be on at 10am instead of 7pm, and

– Monday’s class on 31/12/12 will be on at 10am instead of 7pm.

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and new year’s!