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Sensei Sonny Hoang

Sensei Sonny Hoang

Budo Dojo has been operating since June 2006 and has produced numerous State and National champions in full-contact karate.

Chief Instructor, Sonny Hoang, is a 3rd Dan Kyokushin black belt with over 35 years experience in the martial arts. Sensei Sonny is a former Australian middleweight karate champion and has also trained in traditional karate, kickboxing, kung fu and taekwondo.

Our commitment is to assist in the development of its members to their full potential. We acknowledge that members are individuals with personal goals and may wish to train to become competitive athletes, for fitness and well-being, or to simply learn some self-defence. All ages and experience levels are therefore welcomed to the dojo, where training is done in a safe and supportive environment.

There are also social activities held throughout the year, as well as opportunities to travel and train overseas. So while Kyokushin Karate is a demanding martial art, the real emphasis is to enjoy your training and to benefit from its many personal rewards.